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Impact Weapons Components Light Mount for an M4 Carbine. Super Low Profile for Magpul Rail guards. Ive got a surefire g2x flashlight mount-n-slot n M4 MOE ...

(IWC) 45 degree Picatinny QD Sling Mount - Red Barn Armory Sling mount supports weights of up to 250 lbs. Up to 70% lower profile than other QD Sling Mounts on the market. Ultra-light MOUNT-N-SLOT design weighs ... Review: Thorntail Light Mount from Haley Strategic Partners ... 7 Dec 2011 ... ... the same functionality of the Thorntail is the SMC MOUNT-N-SLOT from Impact Weapons Components (IWC). However, the SMC is limited to ... WMLs | Considerations for Lights, Mounts and Features ... 13 Oct 2013 ... The Impact Weapons Components (IWC) Mount-N-Slot series has mounts for lots of popular forends and lights. The offset and forward IWC ...

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I just received the latest version of the Impact Weapon Components TMC 1" LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT I had the original version with a G2 LED attached but I upgraded lights to a Surefire 6Px tactical and found out the 6Px is a little skinnier and didn't fit quite right. So after talking to Earl at IWC I now have the latest and greatest. this updated version can hold pretty much any light there is ... Home [] What We Do. Impact Weapons Components designs, patents & manufacturers THORNTAIL2, THORNTAIL & MOUNT-N-SLOT Accessory Mounts For Firearms with M-LOK, 1913, KeyMod, Slots & Holes. iwc mount

IWC Mount-N-Slot TMC 1-inch light mount is one of the lightest weight mounts available to add a light to Magpul MOE Carbine length handguards as well as traditional M4-style round handguards. SMC Scout Light Mount-N-Slot by Impact Weapons Components

Unlike all other Hand Stops available today, IWC designed our WEAPON CONTROL MOUNT-N-SLOT to be extremely compact, using only one recoil slot on the rail. This allows the Hand Stop to be placed practically anywhere along any 1913 MIL-Spec rail surface.

The new SMC 1" Mount-N-Slot light mount *pics* I remember seeing the other light mount IWC had that held the light with an open ... allowing customers to select the SMC 1" Light MOUNT-N-SLOT which will come ... Iwc Mount N Slot Sling Attachment For Magpul Moe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ However, I hope this reviews about it Iwc Mount N Slot Sling Attachment For Magpul Moe will be useful. And hope Now i am a section of ... IWC Mount N' Slot Sling Attachment for Magpul MOE Butt ... IWC Mount N' Slot Sling Attachment for Magpul MOE Butt Stock ... Its the Impact Weapons Components Mount N Slot QD sling attachment for Magpul MOE Buttstock.

Iwc Mount N Slot Sling Attachment For Magpul Moe

IWC QD Buttstock Mount-n-Slot – Sandstorm Custom Rifle Slings IWC’s QD Rotation Limited MOUNT-N-SLOT for Buttstocks provides a ... Ultra-light MOUNT-N-SLOT™ design weighs only .490 ... IWC QD Buttstock Mount-n-Slot $ 29.95. IWC SMC SCOUT LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT | DSG ARMS SMC Side Mount Cantilevered Scout Light MOUNT-N-SLOT is designed to accept Surefire's M300A & M600C Scout Weaponlights. IWC designed our new SMC Side Mount ... IWC Mount-n-Slot TMC Picatinny Light Mount Review So I became intrigued with the simplicity and sleekness of the IWC light mounts and decided to check one out. Just happened to see that they had the picatinny version ...